Cape Breton
"A Country Club Community"



This winter proved to be unusually warm but comes to an end anyway and points the way toward summer. Before we begin planning the events for the summer season, I would like to thank Andy and Lidia for running game night again this winter. It was a great success once again. The arrival of spring means the planning of our activities for the summer and our invitation to become a part of the fun! I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make our events last year so successful and invite you all to join us again! Each year we remind all our members that participation in the preparation for the party is just as much fun as the event in spite of the hard work.

Our summer events have been planned with the dates and details available in the newsletter on our website and Facebook page. The July 4th Beach Party is scheduled for Saturday July 7th with our usual games, and great BBQ. We hope you prepare a dish and join us for the fun.

This year we are changing how Crabby Shack will operate. We are looking for people to volunteer to run it on Saturdays, the weekends that we are not running other Cape events. I hope you will consider taking some time to run Crabby Shack and meet your neighbors.

As always any suggestions for future events or ways to improve our existing events are welcome as are any offers to help out with any of our events. If you are interested please contact me at, we would love to have you join us in the fun!

Ray Topoleski

P.O. BOX 944   •  BRICK, NJ 08723