Cape Breton
"A Country Club Community"


Committees/Club House

We hope to be using the Clubhouse more and more, during the winter we had our regular game nights every third Friday of the month and many of our neighbors came out to play their favorite games.

There are a number of events planned for the summer including the Pancake Breakfast and Annual Dinner, we are open to suggestions from members for NEW Club House events and activities, we have a great facility lets work together to put it to good use.

As many of you know we have a large screen TV and VCR (for you kids VCRs are what we had before DVDs) If you have upgraded you home theaters and would like to donate any VHS tapes or DVDs to the Club House movie library they will be eagerly accepted and used for future movie nights and Rainy Day entertainment.

The Club House is available for Private Events, if you have any questions or would like to reserve a date please call me.

You can view the “Cape Breton Club House” on Google Calendar to check for available dates.


P.O. BOX 944   •  BRICK, NJ 08723