Cape Breton
"A Country Club Community"



The winter that never really came is over and this year, with the early warm weather, we are sure everyone is thinking ahead to summer. We can’t wait to open the beach and get together with all our friends over the next few months. Beach clean-up will start our process, please keep your eye out for the date, and come and join us even if only for a short time all hands are appreciated.

Anyone who would like to join us on the Beach Committee call Maria Pilipski or Dan Siebenmann, we would love to hear from you.

Any questions regarding the beach, our phone numbers are posted on the bulletin board, feel free to call. We are looking forward to a wonderful Cape Breton summer.

Dan Siebenmann and Maria Pilipski

Beach Co-Chairs


P.O. BOX 944   •  BRICK, NJ 08723