Cape Breton
"A Country Club Community"


President's Message

After the extremely mild winter, the Board of Directors is anxious for the summer to arrive. We worked hard to develop a budget for next year along with plans for construction projects and a summer of fun. I would like to thank Andrew Dudek for running a game night every month during the winter. They have proven to be a lot of fun. The entertainment committee has developed a calendar of activities for the coming season and is listed in the newsletter. Your participation in these events will strengthen our community and ensure another successful year in the Cape. Each of these events requires careful planning and quite a bit of work to organize. Volunteers are always welcome to assist the Board in each of these events. This offers an opportunity for you to participate in the development of new relationships and sense of family with other members of the community, which has always been a hallmark in Cape Breton.

In the new budget we have given chairmen the money needed for their vision for the year and managed to do it without an increase in fees for next year. Ray Danner has been meeting with various city agencies to get all the information needed to proceed with development of the beachfront.

A listing of the committee chairs is enclosed in the newsletter and we encourage you to contact them if you would like to help by serving on their committee or with any ideas or suggestions you might have for the upcoming year.

We look forward to another successful year in the Cape, but this is only possible with the combined effort of every member of our community working together to continue the magic we have created. That makes the Cape a special place.

Ray Topoleski, President


P.O. BOX 944   •  BRICK, NJ 08723